The Present NOW

Posted on August 10, 2011 by Patti

I have always felt that we are all equal. I love the diversity of people
and cultures. Many don’t know it, but it is exhilarating! Now I am
finding out that we are all interconnected, WOW. In that coming together
of understanding we have created a perfect world that is upon us.

I see a world where there is harmony, and appreciation for everyone.
Where there is no need for war or unorganized chaos. And the thing is,
sometimes I sense and see that wonderful peace and beauty now. I have
felt that different place and its marvelous love and peace energy. I have
seen it in looking at the energy of nature and the quiet talking of little
duck families as they swim on a small peaceful pond lacing themselves
threw willow tree tendrils who’s gentle leaves ripple in the slow
currents. I see it in looking over my shoulder to see a beautiful breath
taking majestic snow capped mountaintop through an array of fall colors.
I see my life as abundant, and because I now know we are all connected and
the same, we are all graced by this.
In truth, love, and light. Namaste

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