Grow in Peace. Live in Harmony. Trust in your inner self.

Learn to develop your discernment. We are each responsible for each other.
All of humanity is our brother. And the Earth is our home. It supplies everything to us “abundantly”. Love the Earth and all her peoples, races, cultures, and religions. GOD knows that each heart that lives HIS expression as each of us, will want to explore and experience many different streams, rivers, and headwaters to arrive at the great ocean of awareness, and the realization that we finally are all one. Each waterway has its own name and bares experience or view of life (like all religions). Yet they all merge, or come together, in that same great sea as one. The name of the craft you navigate in is called Tolerance.
It is time to become the guardians and stewards we came here to be. The knowledge is the treasure locked in each of us. The key is love for all life. Our hearts are bigger than we can even comprehend. Be grateful that we are a world family and choose to live in harmony, now and into the future.

Truth is one: Sages call it by various names.
It is the one Sun who reflects in all the ponds;
It is the one water which slakes the thirst of all;
It is the one air which sustains all life;
It is the one fire which shines in all houses.
Colours of the cows may be different, but milk is white;
Flowers and bees may be different, but honey is the same;
Systems of faiths may be different, but GOD is one.
As the rain dropping from the sky wends its way towards the ocean,
So the prostrations offered in all faiths reach the One GOD, who is supreme.
From the RIG VEDA
In truth, love, and light. Namaste

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