A Personal Observation

For a very long time now I realize that I have come from a space where “money” is not used to gauge value, especially the value of prestige.  So, I realize that that lack of understanding has caused some dismay between me and those I know and love.

I do not understand the correlation between the money in a bank account and the quality of a person.  The true measure of wealth is measured in the heart of hearts.  Therein lays true love, peace, harmony, empathy, union, trust, true value and worth.  Therein lays the true connection of souls.  Therein lays the value of humanity, and it is abundant to all who wish to partake of it, share it, extend a helping hand with it.  It is found in the desire to manifest a working world for all to enjoy.  These are the true measure found in the worth of humanity individually and in total.  Not a piece of paper.

Everything that my Mother/Father One GOD has given me has come freely to me, and in great abundance. I am grateful for all that has come into my life both as great lessons and great gifts to keep and to share.  My greatest wealth comes in observing the qualities I find within my children, friends, teachers and fellow humans, those angels who have shared their lives abundantly with me.  I also discovered that when I have the means to help others, and that may be anything from monetary help, to a shoulder to lean on, I have truly grown my worth in a great way within my heart of hearts.  It comes from a place where abundance is limitless and I feel the unbound love in it.  That to me is the value of true wealth and many things can be done for all humanity with that faith in and understanding of wealth.

I graciously receive these great treasures from above.  And even in my humanness I am grateful that I am awakening to see the true worth of the heart of all of us.

Be in the peace and grace of GOD.

“Few mortals know that the kingdom of heaven extends to this earth plane.”   Mahavatar Babaji

Namaste, Patti

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