All Is In Divine Order

Today this is coming to me in a very strong way.  One thing that I am asked to do is “let go and let God”.  That is not an easy step to take.  I feel like I am being asked to step off a cliff into nothing and trust that I will find myself on safe footing.  This requires me to let go of the ego and trust in a higher support system.  I am perfectly willing to do this, but how do I do it? 

In the divine order of all that is this is already occurring but I just can’t understand it yet.  In divine order it will come to me at just the right time for me to achieve my greatest understanding.  I am beginning to learn to focus that desire in my heart because that is where true understanding comes to me right now.  I am awakened in a wash over of feelings.  I recognize them as “all good’, but different.  The soft whispers coming to my mind tell me “ALL is in divine order” and remember to “go with the flow”.

We are all the one that we seek.  How do I know this?  I don’t know.  I just know it as truth and its power will allow me to learn to let go and trust the divine order of all that is.  I know I will arrive on safe footing and I know everyone else will too.

 What is true about your soul nature is also true about the nature of GOD.  The universe is perfectly reflected within you.  Roy Eugene Davis, Conscious Immortality

Be in the eternal peace of the source of all life.  Namaste, Patti

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