As It Is

I am a guardian, defender and protector of all. All who are treated unfairly, weakened, or oppressed, whether they are human, animal, elemental, or earth.

No one has the right to harm another. (NO ONE.) We are all one and the same. To harm another is to harm you. To harm another is to weaken all. It is your responsibility to strengthen all life through love. If you strip down another you debase yourself.

Turn within and learn to love yourself so that you strengthen all that is. No one is superior to another. Coercion is a grave offense to humanity. We are entrusted with each others lives. Your actions define YOU.

What do you want others to see about you? Do you want to show your weakness in the folly of your false pride, or your strength in love which defines you?

Be the stewards of the light you came here to be.

Namaste, Patti
Came to me on 11/7/2014. Very powerful vibrational information.

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