Be open to love

There are times when I thought I understood a situation and then GOD would give me a whole new and deeper perspective.  I had been praying for a very long time about illnesses and suffering.  In particular the various illness and suffering that befalls children.  As I sat in a hospital ward rocking a child who had been abused to the point that her beautiful little face was unrecognizable, I cried and asked in prayer,”Why?”.  I asked about this many times.  Then one day when I asked again a revelation was given to me that I will never forget.  I was walking in a park in early spring, just when daffodils stood out against the last remnants of snow and the cold wind.  I asked again.  My FATHER spoke.

Little Daffodil

Oh My Child-because you inquire with a concerned and pure heart-I will help you to understand this truth.

Do you see the little daffodils?  How they grow in nature.  They are subject to all the elements.  Wind, rain, hail, heat and drought.  And if you look closely you can see how weather worn are some, and yet others appear perfect, in every way.

Yet know this-and notice also.  The bruised, split and weather worn flower turns up its tender face to MY light, just as the perfect one.  And it is no less beautiful in My sight.

So, do not worry yourself for these children, except it be for their care and that love which you can give them, which is for your own souls growth.  For they are also about My work, and I love them dearly.  They do turn up their tender faces to My light.  And, like you, that portion that is ME, WILL ALWAYS BE.

From GOD to Patti

Think on these things.  In truth, light, and love.  Namaste

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  1. Janet says:

    I remember this poem! Thank you for posting it again 🙂

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