Be Part of the Solution-It lies within each of us.

In a time of misfortune I heard Thy voice saying: “The sun of My protection shines equally on thy brightest and thy blackest hours. Have faith and smile! Sadness is an offense against the blissful nature of Spirit. Let My life-transforming light appear through the transparency of smiles. By being happy, My child, thou dost please Me.” Paramahansa Yogananda, “Whispers from Eternity”

There are many things happening on the world stage right now. Many are alarming and need to be seriously looked at with conscious discernment to gain the truth of the situation. Questions need to be asked and solutions need to be appropriated correctly. We do need to see things as a humanity to know how to make the needed changes that are inevitable. The guiding principle should be to always work from the position of harmony and peace for the good of all mankind. Come together as a consciousness for peace and harmony and bring your love, light, and truth to bare on these dramas. Remember, we can’t change what we cannot see and with that we can only change our very selves. But there is a great strength in that. The strength of numbers. How will we handle the trials of this time? I will handle them from my heart, awake and aware and in the strength of my Source.

God is smiling through us…
God is loving through us…
God is expressing as us…
In this state of Being,
I Am! We Are!
One absolute Spirit in Diverse Forms.
“In God, we live, move and have our Being.”
Om, Peace Jean Scott Prugh, “The Eternal Beauty of Great Souls”

In truth, love, and light, Namaste Patti

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