Be Responsible for Your Creative Force

I will bring forth my blog of 10/2010 to review. If we really want a better world we need to honestly grasp this idea. We are responsible for the world we create.
I want to ask you to do one thing. Be aware of your thoughts. Do you know how powerful your thoughts are? We are co-creators with the source of all life, we always have been. The first place you create is in your thoughts and your thoughts are in your mind. To have a better world we must all come together and create by “renewing our minds”. begin to think in harmonious ways, understand your connection to everything and all that is, work from your heart center. Switch on your positive thoughts. Greet each day with love and enthusiasm. Connect with nature. Create a garden of Eden (really, physically take the time to connect with your world in these simple ways) and sit back and watch life happen. Nothing in life comes about by chance. If you want your world to change for the better, change your thoughts for the best. Touch the feelings in your heart, connect with your inner peace, because that is what you really are. Can you imagine the beautiful world we would have just by changing our mental picture of life. It is that easy. Have a wonderful day!

In truth, light, and love. Namaste

The world is nothing in itself. Your mind must give it meaning. A Course in Miracles.

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