Be thankful for every breath you take.
Be thankful for your place in the scheme of all that is happening at this time.
Be aware of the subtle changes that you perceive.
Be grateful for the abundance that you share with the earth and also with your fellow man.
Be thankful for your diversity.
Be thankful for the source of your being. For it is who you are.
Be grateful for all those unseen angels that work with you, guide you, and support you.
Be patient with yourself in these uncharted waters.
Learn to love yourself, so you can love others.
Be aware of the expansion of your heart. Because if you are here, know that you are also expanding.
There is no limit or boundary that can hold your love. Trust in this.
Hold the hand of those you hold dear, and also those you do not physically know.
Life is a gift. Life is a testament of creation. Life is the opportunity to grow.

…If you try to do everything in the consciousness of God, you will see with joy that every day He is choosing certain duties for you to perform…Paramahansa Yogananda. From: Spiritual Diary

Namaste Patti

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