Since my last writing I have been making some changes. I have been learning some new skills and remembering some old ones. I have been making some important personal decisions and lightening my emotional load. I have been defining personal limits that I feel comfortable with and organizing what I can do to create peace and harmony within myself so I am able to define it in my world as well.
I am realizing that peace on earth has to start within myself and I need to allow all others to discover this within themselves, and trust that they will. After all, they are a part of me and we are all connected to all of life. We are puzzle pieces that need to trust that we fit together in a unique cooperation that creates our beautiful future.

The Power of the Mind
Posted on October 1, 2010 by Patti
…. Be aware of your thoughts. Do you know how powerful your thoughts are? We are co-creators with the source of all life, we always have been. The first place you create is in your thoughts and your thoughts are in your mind. To have a better world we must all come together and create by “renewing our minds”. Switch on your positive thoughts. Greet each day with love and enthusiasm. Connect with nature. Create a Garden of Eden (really, physically take the time to connect with your world in these simple ways) and sit back and watch life happen. Nothing in life comes about by chance. If you want your world to change for the better, change your thoughts for the best. Can you imagine the beautiful world we would have just by changing our mental picture of life? It is that easy…. The answers are found within.
In truth, light, and love. Namaste
The world is nothing in itself. Your mind must give it meaning. A Course in Miracles.

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