Covering Sacred Miles

I cannot speak for everyone else but, for me, awakening comes in the removal of layers that help me see more clearly what and who I truly am. And all I can say is it is beautiful, exhilarating, and gives me the satisfaction of knowing this all-encompassing life that I am a part of. And then I look around and see that everyone is in the same place and I marvel at this.
We are all spirit having a human experience. Why is this so? Because the ONE Source of all that is wants to know every phase of who she/he Source is. Socrates said, “Know thyself”. That is a clue. And I realize that it is not only on the earth that this is taking place. It is all over, everywhere. When I can see without so many layers it is awe inspiring and this tremendous love rushes over me and I feel like I am one who has just been welcome home by the most wonderful energy of creation there is, because I have.
We are all going through this right now. We are at different mile marks along the way but we are all there and it is all okay.
With great love,

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