GOD’S Garden

I want to write, but I feel a conscious desire to only write what is truth, so I end up not writing at all, which is not always a good thing.  Not that there is little truth, just that like everyone else I get in a rut.  Then I feel like I am sweeping off the cobwebs and dust to get started again.  Truth may sound different for each of us because we are uniquely our own individual selves.  One thing that I am beginning to notice though is that when I read what others have to say, they are saying the same thing in their own unique way.  I like that.  Life, or Source, has a way of allowing and enjoying us expressing in our own way.  Even each snowflake is uniquely its own expression.  Every cut on a diamond is its own way of reflecting the world around it.  Every person leaves their own fingerprint.  I marvel at the fact that so many different colors represent the human race and still we are all ONE. 

While I was planting flowers today I had to appreciate the fact that they are all unique in variety and color.  It would be boring if they were all exactly the same.  The flower contributes to the happiness of humanity and nature just by “being”.  The stimulus of individual expression delights the senses.  We are also like that.  The Source in its mastery has created a beautiful garden.  We are GODS Garden.  Let’s work together to create a better world.

Namaste,  Patti   

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