How do I begin

Listen to the yearning of your heart and follow through.

“Only a little while you live as an individualized image in God’s dream world.  You are dreaming your mortal existence, it is part of God’s cosmic dream.  Every night, in deep sleep, it is gone.  And one day, when you awaken in God-who is your real Self-the dream will be gone forever.”  Paramahansa Yogananda

Seek the Lord who is hiding behind all creation.  The road to travel begins at your heart.  Remove yourself from the workings and demands of the day and contemplate in the stillness of your heart the creator of this beautiful world.  Take time each day to contemplate and commune with the One behind creation, and He will open a great understanding and truth to you.  And your world will unfold for you.

In truth, light and love.  Namaste

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