Through many days of sitting in the silence.  Through struggling with the ego and the attitude of self.  Through the constant digging and removing of the weeds in my garden, I am beginning to see.  My teacher told me to “just move past the self, step over it, pass through it, overcome the fear of it, to find the truth of your nature”.  Over time I have come to realize that there was a sudden and wonderful change that takes place and I have moved from the understanding of a body with a soul, to the absolute understanding of a soul energy that is inhabiting a body.  I am part of that GOD energy known as myself.  The body is the holy temple of the soul.  It is how I experience, taste life, feel whatever it is I choose to feel.  It is a gift.  Upon gaining that understanding, I look around and realize how sacred the souls of humanity as my brother and sister souls truly are.  We are all one and the same.  We need to wake up and know this.  All desire of anger, hate, and wrong thinking left me, as I realized that no matter where in the world, what religion, what color we are, my brother and I are one.  I have an important choice to make regarding how I want to “be” in my world.  I choose love.

“When we accept and acknowledge the “One” everywhere, we will live in true peace and universal love and true brotherhood.  We truly are one family.” Jean Scott Prugh

In truth, light, and love.  Namaste

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