In Love Uphold Your Brother

Good Morning! Can you feel autumn right around the corner? I see it in the blush of color just coming on to the trees. Mother Nature is extravagantly beautiful at this time of year.

So, what is going on? When I check within myself there is a part of me that is jumping with excitement. A feeling I used to get when I was going home after a very very long trip. Home to those I loved dearly. I was beside myself with excitement at that time.
I comment on these feelings because it is the feeling nature of the heart that appears to be waking up. I walk down the street or pass people in the store and sense the affinity I have with each and every one. I feel our interconnection. Do you?

I ran across a message from Mahavatar Babaji that I just love; “There is no saint without a past. No sinner without a future”.
In his wisdom he shows us saving grace. Non-judgement, and a promise that we can create a better future. GOD has left us no excuses for not finding HIM in all things, including ourselves. If you put your heart energy and light toward that end it shall be done.

From Think on These Things
“My abundance is aligned with the same abundance from whence the uncountable stars, the immeasurable skies, and the boundless waters are aligned.
I sense the Allness of Life.
GOD in me is Everything”. Jean Scott Prugh

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