It is time for the shift.

We are not physical beings having a spiritual experience;
we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.
Teilhard de Chardin (Quote)

If you make the shift from the, I, me, my, way of understanding and move into the heart center of purity of thought, compassion, connection, and generosity, you will begin to create this in your world.  Create and move into peace and harmony.  Our choices affect everyone as well as ourselves.

We are all connected to everyone and everything on this planet.  Think and allow the shifts and changes to create the much needed balance in our world and even in the universe, we are that connected.

“GOD is my very self, my total being.

Life is a school of GOD in expression.

We are here to unfold and expand.

To live, to love, to learn.

To know that we are one with all creation…

….Our complete self is meant to be a living expression of the One Life.”

Thank you, GOD

Think on These Things, by Jean Scott Prugh

In truth, love, and light.  Namaste

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