It is time

And HE said to me through the soft filters of my mind, HIS voice like the buffeting of the wind.

“You are like a grain of sand upon my vast beach.  Look and see how many are the grains of sand.  And notice how my sunlight touches each and everyone, even you.  You are all precious to me, and there is not a one who is not touched by me.”

I am beginning to awaken to a greater reality in which there is incredible love and truth.  I am awakening to an understanding of the beauty and aliveness of all things, especially the Earth.  I am blessed to be here at this time of awakening and understanding of my connection with the source of all creation and I realize that as I am so is my brother and sister, which is everyone.  It is time for us to awaken and be the wonderful creative purpose we came here to be.  It was a choice done from love.  Love for this beautiful planet, all that is created, all that is truth, light, and love.

It is time!

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