Judge not the appearance

Once upon a time, we met and charted our experiences for this life time.  We charted everything we needed to understand and grow from.  Like a great play-write (we are all that) we plotted our lives.  “Now, who will help me fulfill my story, my lessons, my experiences and help me grow?”, we asked.  One by one we selected the best teachers, because the lessons are so very important.  Others were eager to step up and be our supporting cast.  The hardest roles to fill were the ones that required us to learn the negative lessons of life.  The ones who stepped into those roles had to agree to step down, to sacrifice their greatness (for we are all great) to help us learn these lessons of pain, suffering, lack, poverty, rejection, betrayal, and limitation.

Our world is a great school, and one of the toughest.  Here we learn to master opposites.  Here is manifested light and dark, happiness and sorrow, joy and tears, love and hate.  Here we embrace the good and grapple with evil.  Have you noticed that the opposite of evil is live?

If we did not come here and test our mettle we would not learn the boundaries,  we would not understand the need for compassion and tolerance, we would not overcome the darkness, or ever be strong. Never having experienced it, we would never see it.  We could easily turn down the wrong road.  When the goal is to build physical strength, how do we do that?  We train.  And that coach who is driving us beyond our perceived (I say perceived because our endurance is limitless, but we don’t know that, until we do)  endurance is there to make us stronger, give us better insight, learn to pick ourselves up out of the mud and begin again, suffer through our indignation’s to become a better person, teach us how to find a way beyond the struggle to reach our own inner conscious heights.  To do that he stepped down from (for this moment in time) his/her greatness, to give us the opportunity to reach our highest.  Remember, there are no mistakes in life.  Please do not judge the appearances.  The one you judge may be your best friend in eternity, who has given up himself to help you grow.

Think on these things.

In truth, love, and light.  Namaste

On the highest plane of all, there is only GOD.  The strength gained from our lessons brings our highest success, and there GOD is.

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