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Today I would like to share my experience of meditation with others. Meditation is something that is both different and the same for each person who practices it. The experience will be different for each of us, because we are each a unique individual and the same in that the practice helps ease us into the divine concepts of truth that is never changing.
We all already know how to do this. We know it from our earliest memories of long passed daydreams. The first thing you want to realize is that you are where your thoughts are. In childhood daydreams we escaped the physical world to get to a more pleasant space that nurtured us at the time. Often this happened to me while in school, which often caused issues when I was found out. I was escaping to a better space than the classroom. Subsequently, I was moved away from the window. What I’m trying to say here is that it is easy to achieve that space if you connect to pleasant, natural, places. This is somewhat similar to meditation and it is part of the process that we have used since childhood. So, it is not weird or strange. It is natural to soul and even the physical form.
What we learn to do when we meditate is make a tiny switch, kind of like a train that shifts from one set of rails to another so that we are not only enjoying the peacefulness of a daydream, but actually move our self into that space of actually sitting in the energy of the source of life. There is a tiny shift, and we all know it, and when you place your mind and the desire of your heart there, it will happen. At first, I needed to put my trust into this. The tendency to want to sleep often came to me, and that is not meditation. Although, with practice, you can fall asleep in the NOW of meditation and know it will take you where you desire to learn. But that is not the same as fully meditating. You want the soul desire to commune with the higher self or God-self. So, even though you appear to be sleeping, you are even more awake and aware because of where the focus of your mind is placed than when you are just actualized and working in the physical illusions.
It is in meditation that GOD, or the Source, reveals to us what our souls desire to hear. This poem simply expresses what we want to achieve. With trust and listening to the desires of our hearts we take that inward track and in the stillness awaken to who we really are.
Let us then labor for an inward stillness,
An inward stillness and an inward healing;
That perfect stillness where lips and heart
Are still, and we no longer entertain
Our own imperfect thoughts and vain opinions,
But GOD alone speaks in us, and we wait
In singleness of heart that we may know
HIS will, and in the silence of our own spirits,
That we may do HIS will, and that only.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
These words define what we want to achieve with meditation, for in all ways Spirit fills us, but we don’t know this until we send our words to their rooms and silence our thoughts and just BE in the stillness where we are never alone, but in GOD.

In truth, light, and love. Namaste

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