Let there be Peace on Earth and Love in our Hearts

This is one of my most favorite months. February, in the depth of the winter months, announces and represents one of the most important expressions of all, LOVE.

I am writing today with much in my heart. I am not sure what is going on but I feel my heart soaring and it is so full of such joy. I have had some very important and honorable meetings and connections this week. I have felt myself stretching and reaching out to wonderful people who have been and are in my life. I have been blessed to see their sacredness. I see it in every one I pass. My wish is for everyone to see this with their very heart. Feel it deep in your core. My wish is that you have the gift of love, peace, and harmony to pulse within your being. If we all saw it we would recognize our kinship, our oneness, and therein would be the reason for peace in our world. Let your whole self be filled with that breath of love and peace. Saturate your inner being. Open wide your arms and let the vibrations of love, peace, and happiness flow through you.
“Oh Christ consciousness, present in all life, help us to know Thee in our temple of living atoms.
Help us to realize and actualize Your Divine Presence.
We are your expression of Christ in Action.
Your life fills each of us to the degree of our understanding, our devotion, and our love, our peace and our faith…” The Eternal Beauty of Great Souls, Pg. 47. Jean Scott Prugh
On Valentine’s Day take a moment to gift yourself with the wonders of Peace, Love, and Harmony. Remember, as within so without. It is that simple.
In Truth, Light, and Love,

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