That power that nourishes the universe will supply us with every needed thing to the degree that we are open to it.  The abundance of life is all about us, and is expressing in the direction of fulfillment at every moment.  We need only to become aware of the activity of good and arrange conditions so that the natural inclination of life can flow through and around us.

We only assume ourselves to be individualized beings.  We falsely conceive that we are bound to a mind and a body.  Our real, larger nature is omnipresent because our larger nature is GOD.  It is not correct to assert, “I am God.”  It is correct to know, “GOD is expressing as me, as the ocean expresses as the wave.”  Until we awaken to the truth about our true being and our relationship with the ocean of consciousness, we wander through the corridors of space and time in an unconscious manner.

Because there is but one reality, one ocean of consciousness, there can only be one power.  Do not think in terms of powers and influences other than the power of GOD.

Whenever we seem to confront a force in opposition to the ideal of good, of health and function, of fulfillment, we need to relax the conscious mind and be reminded that we are attuned to the one power of the universe which, alone, can carry us through all seeming obstacles.

Roy Eugene Davis

Few mortals know that the kingdom of heaven extends fully to this earth plane.   Mahavatar Babaji

Think on these truths this day.  In truth, light, and love.  Namaste

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