We are all of it.

We are everything.

We are this remarkable, incredible, wonderful energy called absolutely nothing but the only thing, LOVE.

We cannot see it without keen eyesight and focus.

We cannot hear it swirling around, through, over, and under us until we listen deep inside with our spiritual ears deep in the solitude of the heart.

We are the light of the dawn, the freshness of the air, the magnificent scintillating, stream and the roaring ocean waves.

We are the tiny grains of sand and the vastness of the beautiful blue sky as far as the eye can see, and then some.

We are the in breathe and the out breathe.

We are the vibrant energy known as LOVE.

Trust the expansion, feel the circulation, listen to the pulse, it is saying LOVE.

All of us as well as everything, EVERYTHING, is LOVE.

See clearly that we are all ONE, and we are all LOVE.

Open your heart to LOVE.

WOW!  Namaste,   Patti

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