Mother Earth, Father Sky


This has come to me now for the past three days so I will just begin writing and trust what may be said.

If I look without and contemplate nature I see a beautiful landscape, orchestrated and rhythmic. Every movement is suspended in a moment when I can grasp and see the most wonderful dance my eyes can behold in the syncopation between the earth and the sky. I particularly notice this at sunrise and sunset, but if I pause and look in the middle of the day I can see it too.

The broad expanse of sky and the beauty of the earth as she plays hide and seek with the shadows defines a breathtaking view that I can hardly take all in. It is awe inspiring in its subtle boldness.

It occurs to me that I have the privilege of sitting on this wondrous ground and enjoying the magnificence of the sky. I realize that I am wrapped in the arms of GOD in this moment and listening to the heartbeat and rhythm of the earth all at the same time I automatically know in that moment that it is all ONE and it is all okay.

Be at peace in this wondrous holiday season.

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