We are all of it.

We are everything.

We are this remarkable, incredible, wonderful energy called absolutely nothing but the only thing, LOVE.

We cannot see it without keen eyesight and focus.

We cannot hear it swirling around, through, over, and under us until we listen deep inside with our spiritual ears deep in the solitude of the heart.

We are the light of the dawn, the freshness of the air, the magnificent scintillating, stream and the roaring ocean waves.

We are the tiny grains of sand and the vastness of the beautiful blue sky as far as the eye can see, and then some.

We are the in breathe and the out breathe.

We are the vibrant energy known as LOVE.

Trust the expansion, feel the circulation, listen to the pulse, it is saying LOVE.

All of us as well as everything, EVERYTHING, is LOVE.

See clearly that we are all ONE, and we are all LOVE.

Open your heart to LOVE.

WOW!  Namaste,   Patti

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The Puzzle of Life

We are each the pieces of the great puzzle of life.

Every piece is unique and different, but when we come together we make a full and beautiful whole picture.

Always remember how important each one of us is.  The picture is not complete without each and every one of us.


It is time to stop playing all the games.  When I was young, I used to love to create by wearing certain costumes.  I could become a gypsy by wrapping and tying my mother’s scarf around my head or become a desperado by finding a stick and calling it a rifle and galloping threw the yard on an imaginary horse being chased by the sheriff (my sister).  These were wonderful games we played together in our youth.

There comes a time when the games need to change and we need to define and create in a way that helps us remember who and what we really are.

If we look at each puzzle piece as separate it makes no sense.  The colors, angles, and ideas do not come together.  As we begin to work together and in love and devotion come together the perfect picture of who we are and what this puzzle is becomes alive, beautiful, and complete.  It is through that divine cooperation and the desire to create that we are able to do this.  Listen to your inner guidance and you can realize the promise between you and all that is to once again find each other working through the puzzle pieces of the ONE.  Love each puzzle piece unconditionally and invite the color and excitement of diversity to aid you in connecting the divine picture.  Then stand back and delight in the complete wholeness of who you are to everything in its completeness.  This is creation.  And we come together again to expand and create, yet again, another great puzzle together.  Because, as the ONE, that is what we do.

Namaste, Patti

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A Personal Observation

For a very long time now I realize that I have come from a space where “money” is not used to gauge value, especially the value of prestige.  So, I realize that that lack of understanding has caused some dismay between me and those I know and love.

I do not understand the correlation between the money in a bank account and the quality of a person.  The true measure of wealth is measured in the heart of hearts.  Therein lays true love, peace, harmony, empathy, union, trust, true value and worth.  Therein lays the true connection of souls.  Therein lays the value of humanity, and it is abundant to all who wish to partake of it, share it, extend a helping hand with it.  It is found in the desire to manifest a working world for all to enjoy.  These are the true measure found in the worth of humanity individually and in total.  Not a piece of paper.

Everything that my Mother/Father One GOD has given me has come freely to me, and in great abundance. I am grateful for all that has come into my life both as great lessons and great gifts to keep and to share.  My greatest wealth comes in observing the qualities I find within my children, friends, teachers and fellow humans, those angels who have shared their lives abundantly with me.  I also discovered that when I have the means to help others, and that may be anything from monetary help, to a shoulder to lean on, I have truly grown my worth in a great way within my heart of hearts.  It comes from a place where abundance is limitless and I feel the unbound love in it.  That to me is the value of true wealth and many things can be done for all humanity with that faith in and understanding of wealth.

I graciously receive these great treasures from above.  And even in my humanness I am grateful that I am awakening to see the true worth of the heart of all of us.

Be in the peace and grace of GOD.

“Few mortals know that the kingdom of heaven extends to this earth plane.”   Mahavatar Babaji

Namaste, Patti

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Remember Who You Are!

In GOD I live, move, and have my being. Everything is sacred. Everyone is sacred. Every religion is a means for each of us to reach our sacred. It matters not what faith you are if it brings out the best in you. GOD does not care what we call our man-made religions. It just matters that we call HIM. It matters that we have a means to reach down into ourselves and find HIM. It matters that in doing so we bring the best of ourselves out to work in our world.
All life is precious. We have a great opportunity to create a world of peace and love for all life. Today my prayers go out to Miriam Ibrihim and her precious children and her family. Wake up World. She is willing to stand and declare that she is Christian. She is still my sister. She is myself. She is all of you. Her life, as well as any other, is sacred as she is the Source of all that is, just as I am and you are.
Be the change that is needed to set us on the right track in our world. Love one another. Be at peace with all life because all life is sacred.
Remember Who You Are!
In truth, love, and light. Patti

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GOD’S Garden

I want to write, but I feel a conscious desire to only write what is truth, so I end up not writing at all, which is not always a good thing.  Not that there is little truth, just that like everyone else I get in a rut.  Then I feel like I am sweeping off the cobwebs and dust to get started again.  Truth may sound different for each of us because we are uniquely our own individual selves.  One thing that I am beginning to notice though is that when I read what others have to say, they are saying the same thing in their own unique way.  I like that.  Life, or Source, has a way of allowing and enjoying us expressing in our own way.  Even each snowflake is uniquely its own expression.  Every cut on a diamond is its own way of reflecting the world around it.  Every person leaves their own fingerprint.  I marvel at the fact that so many different colors represent the human race and still we are all ONE. 

While I was planting flowers today I had to appreciate the fact that they are all unique in variety and color.  It would be boring if they were all exactly the same.  The flower contributes to the happiness of humanity and nature just by “being”.  The stimulus of individual expression delights the senses.  We are also like that.  The Source in its mastery has created a beautiful garden.  We are GODS Garden.  Let’s work together to create a better world.

Namaste,  Patti   

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An Unresolved Vasana

Not feeling sweet within.  That was something I felt inside a few years ago.  I hadn’t done anything to feel that way, but the actions of people I worked with at the time created that feeling in me to the point that I found myself desperate for a solution, and starving for and eating a good many types of sweets to make up for that feeling.   Being diabetic that was a dangerous action that I could not stop.  In that situation I could not ever feel accepted no matter what I did.   

Even if you have done nothing wrong and are working your best, if people around you go out of their way to make your life miserable by trying to trump things up so you will be fired, it can affect you.  This is a form of bullying.  It is very subtle and it is very cruel.   It hurt terribly.  One of those people I thought of as a friend and in fact I had helped her get a better paying position in the company we worked at.   I had known her for a number of years. 

I watched those people taking advantage of their positions and pretty much running the business into the ground by playing around during work time, taking money from the cash drawer, refusing to do the production work needing to be done to create income for the little company we worked for, not following state wage laws, manipulating their work hours.  In general, they were just playing around.  I was not working that way, so I needed to be removed. 

I was made to feel like I was wrong, bad, and rocking the boat.  Working under those conditions over a period of time I ended up needing to go to urgent care and found out that due to the stress created on the job my blood sugar was over 400.  This is what stress can do to a diabetic.  With no money to pay my wage, I was laid-off.  The added stress of no income to pay for medications, rent or food, I left a company that when I began working there years before, I really loved. 

Why am I writing about this now?  It still bothers me.  And people who bully need to see how their actions affect those they bully, and situations around them.  They are very cruel and selfish people.  Bullying is very cruel and insidious.  It is also very subtle and hard for the victim to explain.  As I write this I am thinking about the young man with the knives this week.  One needs to ask, where does all that rage come from?  We either implode or explode.  I imploded and destroyed some more of my body.  He exploded.  Who is to blame?  We need to all look at our actions and how they affect our world, and be responsible.   Bullying needs to STOP!  There is no place for it in the future. 

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Remember to keep your balance and your counsel close to your heart sense.  There is so much “stuff” going on right now, and that is just what it is and only what it is, with a purpose to confuse.  Do not buy into what is contrary to what your heart knows.

I have worked with my guides and angels all of my life.  Indeed we all have but have forgotten it as we have grown through all our life experiences.  I chose to keep the door open even if it was only a crack.  It was enough to let me know how much I am loved (we all are), and how directed our lives are.  It is a blessing, a comfort, and a confirmation that our higher realms are here out of love and never would want to take control, intimidate, or threaten us or our skies.   Yes, they have always been here and if you notice, work within the harmony of the ONE source of all that is.  That is always in our best interest.

Right now it is important to draw the light of truth, love, and light and place it around this plane incident.  My own intelligence tells me there is something not right about this.  Light needs to be strongly brought to a good many degrees of “stuff” in the world, and a whole lot of soft rose quartz pink to surround our world and her people with love.

Let your divine qualities shine brightly now for yourself, those you love, and your world.

Namaste, Patti 

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All Is In Divine Order

Today this is coming to me in a very strong way.  One thing that I am asked to do is “let go and let God”.  That is not an easy step to take.  I feel like I am being asked to step off a cliff into nothing and trust that I will find myself on safe footing.  This requires me to let go of the ego and trust in a higher support system.  I am perfectly willing to do this, but how do I do it? 

In the divine order of all that is this is already occurring but I just can’t understand it yet.  In divine order it will come to me at just the right time for me to achieve my greatest understanding.  I am beginning to learn to focus that desire in my heart because that is where true understanding comes to me right now.  I am awakened in a wash over of feelings.  I recognize them as “all good’, but different.  The soft whispers coming to my mind tell me “ALL is in divine order” and remember to “go with the flow”.

We are all the one that we seek.  How do I know this?  I don’t know.  I just know it as truth and its power will allow me to learn to let go and trust the divine order of all that is.  I know I will arrive on safe footing and I know everyone else will too.

 What is true about your soul nature is also true about the nature of GOD.  The universe is perfectly reflected within you.  Roy Eugene Davis, Conscious Immortality

Be in the eternal peace of the source of all life.  Namaste, Patti

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Learn to see your treasure.

This is my first post in a very long time thanks to a very dear friend who helped to get this started again.  I have always enjoyed watching her grow spiritually.  She is there, but just doesn’t realize it yet.  She courageously accepts and works through her challenges and lessons without yet knowing what she is doing or feeling.  But, she always works from her heart, even through her challenges.  She is on her way home.  My teacher calls this “an angel unaware”.  There are many who are out there.  Open your eyes and heart, and see the treasure that is before you always.  That you are, and your friends, families, and neighbors are.  Or the homeless person who still smiles and wishes you a good day as they walk down a cold damp street.  The smile of a stranger changed my whole life.

I see the gift.  I see the treasure.  Thank you Janet, for your friendship!

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Wake Up!

We must remember who we are. Remember who you are to yourself and to your fellow man. We are one. Open your eyes and see the truth. What is going on in the world and what can we do to support and love each other as brothers and sisters in everything. Love is really all there is. When you see this as it truly is, you will lay down weapons and embrace with tears in your eyes. To kill another is to kill yourself. We need to stand up for who we are.

What is this energy that drives the need for killing and war? How does the bombing and destroying of thousands more innocent people, land, countries and governments, make a wrong right? It is all the same thing. And who are the ones suffering by these actions and wars? Wake Up! How can one justify the appearance of killing with more killing? Are we human or are we worse than the worst animals?

Question everything. Forget nothing. Remember 9/11, Iraq, all the false flags. Take a stand for what is right with your heart, your life, and your world. Wake Up! There are so many people who have risked their lives to bring us the truth. We must stand strong on no more war.

Get in touch with your spiritual center, no matter what your religious beliefs are. We all have that same center, we just express it in a different way, and that is okay. Learn to SEE your brother and sister in this world. We are walking side by side. The beauty of each of us is in our diversity. But we are all still connected. Truly see how to uphold and support each other. Not destroy each other. Wake Up! And Love one another.

We are the Earth Family. Let’s make it so.

Namaste, Patti

“Everything in the future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now—“ Swami Sri Yukteswar

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