Remember to keep your balance and your counsel close to your heart sense.  There is so much “stuff” going on right now, and that is just what it is and only what it is, with a purpose to confuse.  Do not buy into what is contrary to what your heart knows.

I have worked with my guides and angels all of my life.  Indeed we all have but have forgotten it as we have grown through all our life experiences.  I chose to keep the door open even if it was only a crack.  It was enough to let me know how much I am loved (we all are), and how directed our lives are.  It is a blessing, a comfort, and a confirmation that our higher realms are here out of love and never would want to take control, intimidate, or threaten us or our skies.   Yes, they have always been here and if you notice, work within the harmony of the ONE source of all that is.  That is always in our best interest.

Right now it is important to draw the light of truth, love, and light and place it around this plane incident.  My own intelligence tells me there is something not right about this.  Light needs to be strongly brought to a good many degrees of “stuff” in the world, and a whole lot of soft rose quartz pink to surround our world and her people with love.

Let your divine qualities shine brightly now for yourself, those you love, and your world.

Namaste, Patti 

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