The Observer

I have often times felt that I am here for a reason. To become awake and aware, to find my purpose and share that with others. Many times, I have come to a point of recognizing “the observer”. I ask myself, ” who is observing this mind, this body, this happening?” I clearly see that I am the observer.  I am like a Jeanie in a bottle.  And there is so much  more to me than what is seen on the surface.  In the Bible there is a quote that I have always loved but never understood.  “The LORD is in HIS holy temple.  Let all the earth be silent before HIM”.  Psalms 11: 4-7.  In that moment of the observer, I realize who I am.  I am HE.   An aspect of the FATHER.  I am a viewing point of GOD.  And I realize that everyone else is this also.  We are holy records, observers, givers of the greatest love.  That is our gift to give.  To wake up and just give of that which we are in knowledge and truth.  To live in harmony and accord with that which we are.  When we perceive that nature is love, we begin to live in that harmony and share that in our world.
Be at peace, love and truth always.
In truth, light, and love.  Namaste
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