The Possibility Shelf

When I first began this journey upon this dear earth, I learned to make a shelf in my mind. I agreed with myself that I would no longer close my thoughts and ideas about anything. I agreed to try to be as open to anything that came my way to understand. No more would I say, “that is impossible”.

So, rather than be resistant, confused, or afraid, I chose to put that revelation or possibility on the shelf in my mind and wait to see what life would unfold. As understanding or information regarding what was questionable came up, I would take it down and revue or reanalyze it. I noticed that little by little understanding and wisdom would unfold to the point that I could accept it or I noticed that the idea was shrinking.

I have used this tool now for most of my life. It has allowed me to remain open to possibilities in reality. I have learned just how big truth and reality are, and that I have the right to accept or reject what does not work in reality for me. Reality is as big as creation and is part of creation. My lesson was to learn what part of reality feels comfortable for me and learn to live within those wise guidelines. The shelf allows me to remain open, because when I am closed, I am not growing.

There are so many wonderful possibilities, if you are open to receiving them, analyzing them, and choosing what works for you. And then you realize that everyone has that same ability. The wonders that we can create together!

In truth, love, and light. Namaste, Patti

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