The Puzzle of Life

We are each the pieces of the great puzzle of life.

Every piece is unique and different, but when we come together we make a full and beautiful whole picture.

Always remember how important each one of us is.  The picture is not complete without each and every one of us.


It is time to stop playing all the games.  When I was young, I used to love to create by wearing certain costumes.  I could become a gypsy by wrapping and tying my mother’s scarf around my head or become a desperado by finding a stick and calling it a rifle and galloping threw the yard on an imaginary horse being chased by the sheriff (my sister).  These were wonderful games we played together in our youth.

There comes a time when the games need to change and we need to define and create in a way that helps us remember who and what we really are.

If we look at each puzzle piece as separate it makes no sense.  The colors, angles, and ideas do not come together.  As we begin to work together and in love and devotion come together the perfect picture of who we are and what this puzzle is becomes alive, beautiful, and complete.  It is through that divine cooperation and the desire to create that we are able to do this.  Listen to your inner guidance and you can realize the promise between you and all that is to once again find each other working through the puzzle pieces of the ONE.  Love each puzzle piece unconditionally and invite the color and excitement of diversity to aid you in connecting the divine picture.  Then stand back and delight in the complete wholeness of who you are to everything in its completeness.  This is creation.  And we come together again to expand and create, yet again, another great puzzle together.  Because, as the ONE, that is what we do.

Namaste, Patti

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