We Can All Make The Connection With Who We Really Are

If I can do it, anyone else can.

One thing I would like all of you to realize that reads these posts, I am not a channeler. The information that comes to me is through my own higher self and through the disciplines and the desire of my own heart. These are my own higher truths. We all have these abilities. I began with a true desire to know myself and to express in the world through devotion. It is a purity of intent. It is through this intent that understanding who we are begins to unfold. It is like peeling off layers that are covering up our truths. We are all this wonderful GOD stuff.

I see this purity of intent in each and every person I come near, it is just that many of us have not learned to turn off all of the do-do-do stuff of the world and use that gift of a moment to pause “IN GOD”. In GOD we live, move, and have our being. I thought I was alone until I realized that I could never, and will never be alone. And I know that is a truth for each of us to discover. I can tell you that it is a wonderful journey, and I hope you each take the time to merge onto the path. In the knowing you will find your GOD-self. It is in the quieting of the heart and mind that we find ourselves on the correct path for each of us.

Be observant and selective of what you choose to put in your mind. This selection helps you learn to be aware and discerning. Remember, “garbage in, garbage out”. Always check in with your heart feeling. Gage the emotions. Change what needs to be changed. We are kind of like a captain steering a ship by the stars. GOD is my star focus. When we begin to focus and hear GOD, we find out who we are in GOD. I can give you a hint. HE is always with us, and we are always with him. We have just focused so much on the illusion that we have forgotten to repent (means to turn around, to go back) and make that connection with who we really are. We are all great beings of light and love. Please make that connection within yourselves.  In truth, love, and light.  Namaste

Transformation from our “human” self to our “Divine Self” helps us to live as great teachers.
We become Lights that light our world and all we touch, when we live conscious of God’s eternal presence.
We care! We love! We share! We know Oneness, not differences!
Jean Scott Prugh The Eternal Beauty of Great Souls.

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