We Have An Important Work To Do Together

Hi Everyone!
Well, we are once again at September. September 11th, to be exact. And day by day the layers are being removed. I am gaining a deeper understanding of my oneness with GOD. I hope all of you are gaining that as well.
I have had a lot of “stuff” coming up. I am learning to deal with it in a non-judgmental way. It has not been easy. I have had to learn to go with the waves of memory and emotion, look at the stuff, and release it. Many times I have had to call for help. Learning not to judge is a process. You have to learn balance, forgiveness, non-reaction. Letting go of your own faults and mistakes without judging yourself (the same is true for all people and all life) is the key. It is called living by the golden rule and realizing that you are part of the equation.
These are important steps for all of us if we are to work together to make a better world and a better future. We must release what holds us back. If we are going to bridge the gap in humanity we must release hatred and grow to accept tolerance. We must release fear and lack and realize that fear is nothing but a 4-letter word and lack is only our misguided perception of what the universe shares with us all, always. We live in abundance that is shared without measure by our beautiful world. We need to realize and really look at this. I have never understood why we think we have to measure our worth in money. I have lived a very meager life by the world’s standard of measurement, but when I check inside I am wealthy with abundant living. In fact sometimes you need to get away from all that distraction to really, honestly, see your worth.
It is time for us to see that we are all one and not separate. Each one of us is unique. Each one of us is valuable. Each one of us finds our own truth in GOD. And it is all okay!
Please, let’s learn to accept each other as we are. We have a lot to do to bring about a better world for ourselves and our future.
Namaste. In truth, love, and light. Patti

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