We Stand at the Pinnacle

What I see that is needed is to define the qualities of being human.  What does being human mean in the face of being interconnected?  In the past it has been pretty simplistic.  What is necessary is to create a better human, bringing in and acting on the best qualities of being.  Achieving and enacting the best qualities  we can possibly express, moving into our future.  Or nothing will change.  Change is the only constant there is, so change should be for the better or we are devolving.  Ask yourself, “Is that what I want”?  Our time is almost up.  Our world is changing, moving toward a higher dimension, where that best quality is already achieved and those working toward their best achievements are going.  We all already know what those best qualities are.  It is time to wake up and make the changes necessary to have the best quality of life for everyone and everything on this beautiful planet.  We are so interconnected that what happens here affects the universe and everything else.  It is time for each of us to be our best, shine our best, be our most compassionate, be our best human right now and into the future.

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